Nautical charts and services

Nautical charts, navigational products and survey results from the Canadian Hydrographic Service.

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All vessels in Canada’s waters must carry and use nautical charts and related publications from the Canadian Hydrographic Service in accordance with the Canada Shipping Act, 2001.

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Services and information

Nautical charts and publications

Buy publications, register or buy digital or paper charting products, checklists of replaced or withdrawn charts.

Data products and surveys

Hydrographic survey results and data, horizontal control data and maritime boundary maps.

Copyright and licensing

Hydrographic products, data, manufacturers, licensing agreements, royalties and intellectual property.

Arctic charting

Arctic seabed surveys, percent of charted Arctic, collaboration and how we decide which area to chart first.

Help and information

Frequently asked questions and tips on nautical charts, contact information for the Canadian Hydrographic Service.


Navigational products, services and information to ensure the safety of mariners.

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